There’s nothing more rewarding than being self sufficient in the care of your horse.  Once you undertake some education the benefits of trimming your own horses are soon realised.  Apart from the obvious – not having to ring the farrier to arrange a time, as well as saving money – you will notice changes in your horses hooves and be able to read them.  You’ll learn to understand what works for your horse and what doesn’t.  You can tell a lot about a horse through his hoof, and you will find yourself taking more notice of your horse’s hooves, and others that you meet too.

From attending a workshop you will be armed with enough information to go home and trim your own horse.  You will learn the important role of movement, diet and the environment has in your horses life.


This is what we need:-

  • 10 – 20 people
  • Room large enough for participants for theory presentation (powerpoint presentation)
  • Access to tea and coffee making facilities and toilets
  • Covered outside area (in case of unpleasant weather when trimming in the afternoon)
  • 2 horses for demonstrations
  • Cadaver legs (we can arrange these if needed)

Email us if you would like further information.

Trimming clinic image 1


 DSC06692  Trimming workshops