The Functional Hoof Conference 2011

1st to the 5th February at Melbourne Veterinary University, Werribee.

If you attended the Conference then there is no reason for you to read any further, as you will know what I am about to say.

What an interesting, informative, educational and very open forum for the discussion about our Equine friends.  If you missed it you would be sorry, there was just so much that came out of it to even attempt to fill you in.  It was very interesting to listen to very notable and informative professors, scientists, inventors and veterinarians, all putting their views forward, and listening to case studies from those on the ground working with horses.  It’s incredible the amount of research going into our equine friends, and with so many hours and minds combined, only good can surely come of it.

It was a star studded line up – and keep watching because we are going to hear their names more and more in the future.

One thing was agreed on by all – you can be the best hoof carer in the world, but unless the feed, environment and movement is right, you won’t ever get the hoof you are looking for just by trimming.

The speakers/presenters at the conference consisted of the following, and there were a number of case studies presented also:-

  • Prof Chris Pollitt – AUS
  • Assoc Prof Debra Taylor – US
  • Dr Kerry Ridgeway – US
  • Prof Bob Bowker – US
  • Dr Simon Collins – UK
  • Brian Hampson – AUS
  • Dr Melanie Quick – AUS
  • Duncan McLaughlin – AUS
  • Garrett Ford – US
  • Carol Layton – AUS
  • Karen Chaton – US
  • Todd Jaynes – US
  • Carole Herder – CAN

It was a very in depth, comprehensive and brain spinning conference.  There’s talk of another one, probably in two years or so which might be held in another country.  So start saving, it’s something you don’t want to miss.