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Hoof boots – for what reason….?

Hoof boots provide comfort for horses new to barefoot.  Imagine yourself without your shoes – not too bad when your in your house, but when going outside on the footpaths and roads, it can be pretty uncomfortable.  Then imagine walking on stones, and then carrying extra weight! It’s no different for your horse.  While in […]

Horses and hay bellies

Do your horses have a hay belly and yet you feel you hardly feed them anything?  Here is a very interesting article written by Dr Eleanor Kellon which might help to explain why.  Click on  Let them Eat Hay

Horses and Climate Change

Have you thought about the impact of Climate Change on your  horse and his environment?  HorseSA facilitated a very informative workshop in 2012, published  in the link below. There was also an article about it in the RIRDC Newsletter (link below also).  As time goes on there will be much more to come on the […]

Two wonderful little books with heaps of info

Two fantastic publications by Marg Richardson (www.thefunctionalhoof.com) and Jen Clingly (www.wildabouthooves.com.au). The Bare Facts – is packed with information on the horse, the environment and feed – as we know unless the movement, feed and environment is right, your horse will struggle to get the hoof he needs.  This little book gives you ideas and […]

The Functional Hoof Conference 2011

1st to the 5th February at Melbourne Veterinary University, Werribee. If you attended the Conference then there is no reason for you to read any further, as you will know what I am about to say. What an interesting, informative, educational and very open forum for the discussion about our Equine friends.  If you missed […]